Oxford Conference of Corsetry 2019

The Oxford Conference of Corsetry is conference for corset makers and enthusiasts. It started in 2013 and takes place in Oxford, and in 2019 it is held at the Jesus College Oxford from Saturday 24 August to Sunday 25 August. The program includes guest speakers, workshops, reception and galla dinner.

This year the cost of participation is £725.00 per person, which includes refreshments, galla dinner and accommodation.

Read more at their web site https://www.conferenceofcorsetry.com/

Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel

Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel (Toys World Museum Basel) in Basel Switzerland has a special exhibition “Corsets” which is open 19 April – 6 October 2019. It displays 60 corsets dating from 1775 to 1925, including pieces from the “Nuits de Satin” collection from Paris, from designer Úna Burke and artist Patricia Krummacher. The special exhibition is unique and will only appear in this form at the museum in Basel. The opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 18 and the entrance fee is CHF 7. See more in their gallery and on the Rundgang durch die Sonderausstellung «Korsetts» video.
Images by Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel.

Axfords are closing

The well-known manufacturer of ready-made corsets in the United Kingdom are closing as of 17 April 2019. Axfords has been in business since 1880 and managed by Michael Hammond for the last 30 years, and he will now go into a well deserved retirement.

They will not produce any new corsets, but offers 50% discount on exsiting stock. This has resulted in a huge number of orders, and they have temporarily shutdown their website to handle those orders.

In 1990 they moved from Vauxhall Bridge Road in London to Brighton, and later it became a global business.

Sophia Vegas

Sophia Vegas. It means good morning for Germany and good night for me ??The 31- year old German born reality TV person and showgirl recently announce that she was pregnant and engaged. She had her 2 lower pair of ribs removed in 2017 to help her attain a small waist, and also stated that she wants to have the world smallest waist. She has also underwent other cosmetic procedures, including breasts and nose.

Sophia Vegas was born 1 September 1987 in East Berlin as Sophia Hildebrand. In Germany, she studied Journalism, media design and market research, and worked as an independent real estate agent. Her first husband was Bert Wollersheim, which runs several establishments in the red-light district of Dusseldorf. In a recent announcement, she stated that she is engaged to the French-born businessman Daniel Charlier (52), with whom she is also 4 months pregnant.

An official measurement of her corsetted figure, but her waist size is often stated to be 47 cm (18½ inches).

More photos on her Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/officialsophiavegas/



Pixee Fox

Pixie Fox is a 25 year old Swedish woman which has desire to transform herself into a living doll. She has transformed her body through surgery, including removal of six of her ribs. To further reduce her waist and to support her, she is waist training with corsets. Before she started her transformation, she had a 56 cm (22 inch) waist which now has become a 46 cm (18 inch) waist and she is wants to make even smaller, down to 36 cm (14 inch). Particular after having some ribs removed, she prefers wearing a corset to support and protect.

She used to work as an electrician in Stockholm and has always admired the female cartoon figures, like Jessica Rabits which are very curved and have extremely tiny waists. Five years ago she began having surgeries to change her appearance. She has moved to North Carolina in United States to continue her transformation and also work as glamour, catalog and promotional model.

More information is available on her web site The Pixee Fox  which contains links to various social media, and Barcroft TV features her in the video Model Has Six Ribs Removed In World’s Smallest Waist Bid on Youtube.

Pixee_Fox_12301537_1709998722565334_411985121560348623_n Pixee_Fox_11214079_1706816659550207_6815500411314824763_n 12088410_1703406283224578_3562955414814266248_n Pixee_Fox_12191445_1703388469893026_5357681962945977304_n Pixee_Fox_12313668_1709990802566126_5590661889825438858_n Pixee_Fox_10410153_1703385099893363_1054743043495988000_n Pixee_Fox_12189672_1703381383227068_5689562313243952138_n Pixee_Fox_12115744_1698067460425127_799936716068033073_n  Pixee_Fox_12065806_1703388086559731_8165204756372158068_n Pixee_Fox_12074841_1696509270580946_7169150991651116708_n