Lucy’s Corsetry

?????????????????????????????????Lucy’s Corsetry is the official website of Lucy. She began uploading corset related video to Youtube more than 3 years ago on the channel bishonenrancher.

Lucy lives in Canada and is “a long-haired, piano-playing, corset-loving, health-obsessed nerd”. An avid corset collector, she has created the largest collection of corset related videos covering a wide range of topics. The Youtube channel is updated at an amazing frequency of several times per months. Particularly the videos providing background knowledge of corsets and their wear, and her extensive reviews of numerous corset makers, are respected by newcomers to corsetting as well by experienced people. Her videos are ideal for people that learn better by watching videos. The technical quality of the videos are good. Most videos have proper lightening and audio quality, and they are available at a resolution of 720p.

The website is an extension or expansion of the video channel. The website shows information from the videos in a different way. E.g. the Help, I’m lost! shows overview of corset makers by cost, dimensions and location.

She does offer reselling of Off the Rack (OTR) corsets, but she is very open and honest about this and does no try to reveal any details. I believe that she “want to make sure you leave my site well-armed with information and excited about your new corset, where ever it comes from:”

Highly recommended!

Updated web site

The engine for has been changed. Now remains the task of filtering and updating content to the new engine.

Kelly Lee Dekay

KellyLeeDekayTightBeigeDressKelly Lee Dekay is an alternative model, entertainer and fashion designer in her early 20s. Of Ecuadorian decent, she was born and raised in New York, and it is also her current place of residence. Standing 152 cm (5’0”) without heels and weighting 52 Kg (115 lbs), her uncorsetted waist measures 56 cm (22”). Having tightlaced for more than 2 years, she can lace down to 40 cm (16”).

Being a professional model, she is available for paid work.

You can find more information about her, on her blog Kelly Lee Dekay, which has links to her portofolio, FaceBook, Twitter, tumblr and Instagram.

Constance Trench-Brown

On 22. August 2008 Constance Trench-Brown died. Constance worked with her husband Stuart, to build corsets in their company C&S Constructions. When they started their corset making, they received guidance from Michael Garrod. Through hard work and good corsets, they became as well-known and respected as he was. Over the years, I purchased several corsets from them. I meet them at a corset ball in London more than 10 years ago, and I remember that both of them were very friendly and helpfull. May her memory be honored.

corsets & more

In Central Germany, in the city of Altersbach, a small and less known corsetmaker is located. Doris Müller is a tailor and owner of corsets& more. Her collection includes corsets, formal dresses, complete outfits and garments in other materials, such as Leather and PVC. The corsets come in various styles, such as underbust, overbust, longline and S-bend corset, and Doris is also a corsetwear herself. The corset can be made in various shapes, such as short, hourglass , stemmwaist, straightfront and S-line. Besides the collection, the website also has many photos of corsets. The price of her corsets begins at €195 for a short corset, with an S-bend underbust costing €320. (Photos used with permission).